Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energy

Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energy (Boone NC; 4 staff;

An NGO “that helps community-based organizations and public sector institutions plan, develop and own renewable energy systems.” They believe that “private investors using tax incentives should help public and tax exempt organizations finance solar. After almost a decade of research, experimentation, project development, and critical reflection, we’ve concluded that the conditions required to utilize tax incentives to optimize public benefit are extremely limiting. Fortunately, the price of solar has dropped 62% over the past five years and almost 25% in the past year alone (according to GTM Research), making solar cheaper than electricity from the grid. This opens additional modes of solar finance in tax exempt settings. It also offers new possibilities for local economic development through value chain formations and similar strategies.”

Financed by Inquiring Systems, Inc.



Leadership: Steve Owen (Co-founder, Executive Director)

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