Agora Energiewende

Agora Energiewende

(2012; Berlin; 49 staff and associates;

Established by Mercator Foundation and the European Climate Foundation (ECF) to support Germany’s intention to build an energy system almost entirely based on renewables.  To achieve this, a joint definition of the challenges, a clear understanding of the possible solutions, and a concrete concept of the next steps are needed. Drafting all of these – in conjunction with the relevant players – is a challenge that must be tackled in the next few years.  Works with 73 partners.

Featured Projects:

  • The EU Power Sector in 2018 – Energy transition in the European electricity sector
  • Sustainable Industry – Development and commercialization of key decarbonizing technologies
  • Electric Vehicles and Power Grids – The cost of integrating electric vehicles in power distribution grids
  • Grids for Renewables – Action plan for ensuring Germany’s power grid can accommodate 65% renewable energy by 2030


Leadership: Dr. Patrick Graichen (Executive Director)

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