ActionAid International

ActionAid International
(1972; Johannesburg + 5 Global Secretariats; 45 members;

An organization focused on anti-poverty activism and training. Mission: To “help people use their own power to fight poverty and injustice, which reflects their “core belief in each human being’s fundamental right to food, shelter, work, education, health care and a voice in the decisions that shape their lives.”

There is a particular focus on women’s rights. They work in partnership with local organizations and are part of alliances and networks to further multiply their impact. ActionAid lobbies at major international institutions for their cause including the Bretton Woods organizations, the G8 and the EU.

In 2017 they had 400,000 donors and 1,000,000 campaigners worldwide.


  • Regular reports on their activities
  • Frequent publishing on subjects like business, governance, rights, sustainability, health, etc.
  • Highlight: 8 briefings on progressive taxation.

Leadership: Adriano Campolina (Secretary General)

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