Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator

*Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator (2018; Kingston; )

This accelerator that is trying to build  “the world’s first climate-smart zone” by acting as an “entrepreneurial engine that catalyzes and accelerates priority initiatives […], delivering climate action, resilience, social development, and broad economic growth for the Caribbean.” “27 Caribbean government heads and some large multinational companies, financial institutions, and foundations have joined the Accelerator to help the Caribbean become a beacon of climate-smart development through pioneering resilience and growth initiatives.”

It tries to “harness the national and regional capacity and development experience of Caribbean countries and join it with world-class innovation and delivery capabilities.” Focuses on disaster preparedness, recovery and resilience, low carbon development and breaking down barriers to facilitate climate-smart growth.

Involved:  Richard Branson, Usain Bolt

Leadership: Racquel Moses (CEO)

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