Widening Circle

Founding Year: 2012



“An action campaign to advance a global citizens movement for a Great Transition” (see www.gtinitiative.org). The Widening Circle aims to enlarge and strengthen the global citizen’s movement, promote integrated action, grow in successive waves, balance pluralism and unity on the road to one world with many places, and further a journey of co-creation. It works on four basic premises: 1) the world confronts 21st-century perils hobbled by 20th-century mindsets and institutions; 2) a just and sustainable civilization is still possible; 3) a fragmented movement is incapable of systemic transformation (civil society efforts are vital, but lack an overarching vision and strategy); 4) the global citizens movement will be adaptive and polycentric, evolving as a dispersed ecology of associations.



Widening Circle contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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