Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms

Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms
(2014; Paris; 16 staff;

Is a non-profit think tank supported by the Charles-Léopold Mayer Foundation. It strives towards a more sustainable economic model based on “social justice and the respect of planetary boundaries” by promoting “policies and civil society initiatives for the ecological transition” as well as developing “proposals for reform in the economic realm.” In so doing, it hopes to build bridges between academic thinking about the economy, public policy making, and sectoral technical expertise.



  • Making trade serve the ecological and social transition (October 2019, 28p): claims that “current trade rules contribute to the development of an unsustainable economic model” and calls for reforming them in order to “put trade policy at the service of ecological and social transition.”

Leadership: Philippe Frémeaux (Chairman), James Galbraith (Vice-Chairman)

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