The Nature of Cities

Founding Year:

Staff: 12

Budget: $111K (2018)

Dr. David Maddox (founder and curator)

Curates and disseminates transdisciplinary conversations about green city making to “create cities worldwide that are resilient, sustainable, livable and just.”


  •  a virtual magazine  featuring the diverse work and ideas of our contributors around the world.
  • special projects related to our mission, such as in art, culture, and science.
  • live and online events


  • Hundreds of essays, e.g., “Treading the Thin Line Between Individual Freedom and Social Change—Experiences and Lessons to Address the Global Pandemic” (June 15, 2o2o) and “Why Defunding the Police is an Issue of Democracy and Public Space” (June 4, 2020).


The Nature of Cities contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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