Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative

Founding Year: 2010



Andy Parker (Project Director)

A climate engineering research project sponsored by the Environmental Defense Fund, Royal Society, and World Academy of Science. Their mission is to foster an informed international conversation about Solar Radiation Management (SRM) research and its governance, and building the capacity of developing countries to evaluate this controversial technology. Therefore, they focus on holding outreach workshops on SRM in developing countries and emerging economies, and through the DECIMALS Fund, the world’s first international SRM research fund and the first aimed exclusively at scientists from the Global South.

States that:  “Solar radiation management (SRM or solar geoengineering) is a theoretical approach to reducing some of the impacts of climate change by reflecting a small amount of inbound sunlight back out into space.” The initiative aims to expand the discussion of geoengineering around the globe and to bring the voices of developing countries into the SRM discussions


  • A small library of reports and research


Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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