Founding Year: 2015

Staff: 5


 Juliet Colman (Founder & Director)

Is a non-profit advocacy organization that advocates for “greater gender equality in security sector institutions, such as the police, armed forces, and UN peacekeeping” in countries throughout the world. As such they seek to “provide information from a wide variety of sources on the position of women in the security sector”; conduct an “examination of the barriers to women’s progress, from how to attract more women to join the military and police, to how to develop a professional working environment free from gender discrimination, and in which women seek to remain employed”; highlight “learning and development practices within the security sector and the use of gender-sensitive training for all”; and “gather information on women’s role in peacekeeping, and their position in conflict negotiations and efforts in peacebuilding.”

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SecurityWomen contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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