Plastics Solutions Fund (2016, San Francisco, 7 staff;

A collaborative of NGOs, charities, foundations, and research institutes is a sponsored by the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors that agreed on a common global strategy to “break free from plastic” with the following element:

  • achieve peak plastic packaging and other single use disposable applications by 2025, as the first step towards elimination of all non-essential uses by 2035
  • effect an immediate slowdown in plastic use and/or leakage in those countries most vulnerable to pollution
  • support and build the foundations of the global movement to say no to plastic packaging waste, to embrace zero waste principles and stop the tide of plastic flowing into the ocean

Types of projects supported

  • build the movement
  • change the narrative
  • transform companies
  • promote zero-waste cities
  • fight petrochemicals

Examples of specific projects:

  • The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) involving 800 actors in over 90+ countries
  • Ten highly experienced NGOs working to establish localized zero-waste systems in city plans at sixteen high-impact sites in Asia
  • The “Break Free from Plastics Communications Hub,” involving 1,400 organizations and 6,118 individuals (as of October 2018)


  • A team of 7 appear to collaborate on the management of the project


  • Approximately $6M/year supplied by 12 partners