Pacific Centre for Environmental Law and Litigation

Pacific Centre for Environmental Law and Litigation

([ND], Victoria BC; 2 staff, 9 associates;

A non-profit society that believes that “much more can and should be done to inspire, educate and equip junior lawyers and law students with the tools necessary to take on public interest environmental litigation work. They believe “that litigation is central to the lawyer’s craft and a fundamental feature of our democratic system.” They see litigation as the “most powerful and effective way to advocate for environmental interests.”

Their mission is to provide “experiential opportunities for junior lawyers and law students to develop litigation skills. By promoting access to justice and the rule of law today, and by training the public interest environmental lawyers of tomorrow, CELL intends to play a significant role in ensuring the future health and wellbeing of public interest environmental litigation in Canada. “


Leadership: Chris Tollefson (Executive Director)

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