National Green Schools Alliance

(2003; Washington; 5 staff;

An alliance working together to nurture and fortify sustainable school communities. It was established as Green Cup Challenge at Phillips Exeter Academy, turned into an inter-school challenge and then became an inter-school alliance. By now they have worked with 13k+ ‘sustainability champions’ from 8K+ schools in 48 US states and 91 countries.  They encourage “healthy systems, active design, and progressive efficiencies in the school’s physical place; cultivate charismatic leadership, connection to place, and broad-based action to elevate a school’s educational program; foster interdepartmental learning to make sustainability integral to a school’s organizational culture.”


  • Online community of sustainability champions
  • Leadership commitment by senior school administrators
  • Student-led challenges to increase understanding and conservation
  • District Collaborative engaging sustainability professionals from many school districts
  • Energy management services
  • Procurement management services related to sustainability
  • Online resource portal
  • Student Conservation Corps and Congress
  • Professional development for sustainability champions
  • Reporting tools to monitor energy usage
  • Classroom campaigns to expand student engagements


  • A resource library with 1200+ items
  • Videos, guides, books, case studies, curriculums, magazines, apps, etc.

Leadership: Arlae Castellanos (Acting Director, Sustainability Tracking Program Manager)

Budget: ~$450k