National Green Schools Alliance

Founding Year: 2003

Staff: 5

Budget: ~$450k

Arlae Castellanos (Acting Director, Sustainability Tracking Program Manager)

An alliance working together to nurture and fortify sustainable school communities. It was established as Green Cup Challenge at Phillips Exeter Academy, turned into an inter-school challenge and then became an inter-school alliance. By now they have worked with 13k+ ‘sustainability champions’ from 8K+ schools in 48 US states and 91 countries.  They encourage “healthy systems, active design, and progressive efficiencies in the school’s physical place; cultivate charismatic leadership, connection to place, and broad-based action to elevate a school’s educational program; foster interdepartmental learning to make sustainability integral to a school’s organizational culture.”


  • Online community of sustainability champions
  • Leadership commitment by senior school administrators
  • Student-led challenges to increase understanding and conservation
  • District Collaborative engaging sustainability professionals from many school districts
  • Energy management services
  • Procurement management services related to sustainability
  • Online resource portal
  • Student Conservation Corps and Congress
  • Professional development for sustainability champions
  • Reporting tools to monitor energy usage
  • Classroom campaigns to expand student engagements


  • A resource library with 1200+ items
  • Videos, guides, books, case studies, curriculums, magazines, apps, etc.


National Green Schools Alliance contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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