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Dilip Ratha (Head and Chair)

Serves as the global hub of knowledge and policy expertise, in that migration has become a defining issue for development, with >200 million international migrants and >700 million internal migrants. Hosts events like seminars, forums, workshops, conferences, etc. Over 400 experts have contributed to the network.

Thematic working groups:

  • Data on migration and demographic changes
  • Integration issues in host communities
  • Policy and institutional coherence
  • Migration, security and development
  • Migrant rights and social aspect of migration
  • Labor migration
  • Remittances, including access to finance and capital markets
  • Mobilizing diaspora resources as agents of social and economic change
  • Environmental change and migration
  • Internal migration and urbanization
  • Forced Migration and Development



KNOMAD contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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