Institute for Environmental Security

Founding Year: 2002

Staff: 30


Ronald A. Kingham (Director), Wouter J. Veening (Co-founder and Chairman)

Institute for Environmental Security
(2002-2017?; The Hague + 4 international offices; ~30 staff and associates;

An international non-profit with representatives in Brussels, London, Beirut, California, New York, Toronto and Washington, DC. Advancing environmental security through science, diplomacy, law, finance, and education. Supports international sustainable development goals as a means to long-term poverty alleviation, and “to help safeguard essential conditions for peace and sustainable development.”


  • COBRA: Future Challenges Local Solutions – Brings together key South American and European Civil Society Organisations that have extensive experience in enabling and disseminating grassroots solutions to complex problems in the Guiana Shield region of Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.
  • CCIS: Climate Change and International Security – Was set up shortly after the Bali UNFCCC COP 13 by the IES to provide policy makers with creative and combinable solutions with regards to climate change and international security. It includes a series of events: conference, seminars and workshops.
  • CCTM: Climate Change and the Military – Aims at stimulating the debate on the relation between climate change and the role of the military and on how it could contribute to the struggle against impending security threats. Established the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change in 2009.
  • ESPA: Environmental Security for Poverty Alleviation – Aims to create an array of practical decision tools, strategic maps and initial policy recommendations for decision makers in government, the private sector and NGOs on supporting people’s livelihoods that depend on globally significant ecosystems.
  • FUEL: Integrating Energy Needs in Humanitarian Crisis Situations – A diplomacy and education project set up to integrate energy needs in humanitarian crisis response situations – with a focus on household fuel. Refugee camps and settlements often have large ecological impacts, which have disastrous consequences for people’s livelihoods in the long term. This project aims to enhance policies and practices of humanitarian aid organizations on fuel-related issues, in order to avoid such impacts.
  • GES: Greening European SecurityWorking especially with Members of the European Parliament, the aim is to promote the forging and implementation of an integrated strategy for environment, sustainable development and security – or the better inclusion of environmental security aspects in the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy, European Security Strategy and European Sustainable Development Strategy.
  • GPC: Global Policy Coherence – Aims for an improvement of the compatibility of existing trade and financial regimes with the new post-2012 climate change agreement.
  • HELF: The Hague Environmental Law Facility – Investigates the usefulness and necessity of a facility in the field of environmental law in The Hague. This facility would have an advisory function with regards to facilitating access to justice and an auxiliary training function aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of civil servants, diplomats and negotiators on issues of implementation, enforcement and compliance.
  • IESPP: Inventory of Environment and Security Policies and Practices –Has been set up to provide an overview of strategies and initiatives of selected governments, international organizations and inter-governmental organizations.
  • Pathfinder Program – Aims at restricting the import of illegally extracted resources from zones of conflicts by promoting the strengthening of legal mechanisms that importing and transit states could use to block illicitly obtained natural resources from entering their markets.


Notes: Addresses the security and sustainability nexus as well or better than any other organization in the S&S Guide.  (MM)
Activity has slowed down considerably. Not much going on on their web presence since the end of 2017. (FH)

Institute for Environmental Security contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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