Henderson, Hazel

Hazel Henderson (b.1933) is a futurist and evolutionary economist, and founder/president of Ethical Markets Media in St. Augustine, Florida, as well as creator/co-executive producer of its TV Series.  Ethical Markets TV (“Your gateway to Cleaner, Greener, 21st Century Economies”) offers scores of videos on such topics as the future of energy, community investing, measuring wealth, corporate citizenship, permaculture, sustainable accounting, growing the green economy, and the Green Transition Scoreboard.  The Scoreboard, updated annually by EMM, calculates growing corporate investment in six categories.  She is arguably the first person to seriously criticize obsolete industrial-era economics, with Creating Alternative Futures: The End of Economics (1978, Foreword by E.F. Schumacher) and The Politics of the Solar Age: Alternatives to Economics (1981).  Some of her other books: Building a Win-Win World (1995), The UN: Policy and Financing Alternatives (1995, co-edited with Harlan Cleveland and Inge Kaul), Ethical Markets Quality-of-Life Indicators (2000, with the Calvert Group), Planetary Citizenship (2004, with Daisaku Ikeda), Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy (2006), and Mapping the Global Transition to the Solar Age (2014).  Henderson has published numerous articles and reviews, is an Honorary Member of the Club of Rome, and received the Waislitz Global Citizen

Award in 1996.