Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
(2007, Hague, 51 staff; hcss.nl)

Utilizing a range of experts, HCSS creates situational awareness models for public and private organizations that provide insight into their strategic environment. Issues reports, issue briefs, quick topic reports, and commentaries in the media that take the form of surveys, policy recommendations, trend and scenario analyses, risk assessments, geopolitical and regional security analyses, conflict analyses, operational evaluations, and assessment of learnings. Particular competencies include predictive modeling, web scraping, text mining, advanced internet search techniques, and data visualization. Clientele includes the Dutch Ministries of Security & Justice, Foreign Affairs, and Defense, the European Commission, and NATO.


  • Issues weekly Digests, e.g., recently, on: space as a military domain, the power of China, Integrated Air and Missile Defense, multilateralism and the Indo-Pacific and new wars.
  • An annual report
  • Approximately 65 reports issued in 2020, e.g.:
    • COVID-19 and European Security (December 15, 2020, 5p)
    • Standards for Critical Raw Materials: Strategic standard setting in China, the EU, and the Netherlands (December 9, 2020, 117p)
    • Flow Security in the Information Age (December 7, 2020, 44p)

Leadership: Rob de Wijk (Founder, Professor of International Relations and Security at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University)