GRID Arendal

Founding Year: 1989

Staff: 45

Budget: ~$53m

Peter Harris (Managing Director)

Their aim is to inform and activate a global audience and motivate decision-makers to effect positive change. To this end, they transform environmental data into innovative, science-based information products and provide capacity-building services that enable better environmental governance. They transform data into “credible, science-based information products”. Their vision “is a society that understands, values and protects the environment on which it depends.” All their activities and output are assigned to the 17 SDGs and can be filtered by them.


  • Communication and Outreach
  • Polar and Climate
  • Ecosystems and Communities
  • Transboundary Governance
  • Environmental Crime
  • Waste and Marine Litter


  • An extensive library of reports, books, articles, maps, graphics, etc.
  • A resource library of pictures, videos, and graphics
    • Droughts in the Anthropocene (Dec 2019, 76p) – Available in English, French, and Spanish. Comprises fifteen case studies from around the world showcasing the social, environmental and cultural impacts of droughts and water scarcity. It highlights solutions offered by collaboration between scientists and local communities, and the important work of UNESCO IHP and partners in bridging science with society and policymakers to better address the impact of droughts.
    • Global linkages – a graphic look at the changing Arctic (March 2019, 56p) –  “Change is clearly accelerating in the Arctic, and it has global implications for us all. We all have a stake in this future, but none more than the young people who are coming of age, living in the midst of this change.”
    • Evolving Roles of Blue, Green, and Grey Water in Agriculture (Dec 2018, 93p) – Looks into the changing use-cases of different kinds of water in agriculture. “Due to its multiple uses, water is a highly competed‐for resource. While the competition is mainly in the use of the resource, contestation over water resources is also demonstrated through how the resource is defined and described.”




GRID Arendal contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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