Glenn, Jerome C

Jerome C. Glenn (b.1945) is a futurist and co-founder with futurist Theodore J. Gordon of The Millennium Project in 1996, to “provide a context for global thinking.”  Based in Washington, this unique “participatory think tank” promoting collective intelligence now has 63 “Nodes” worldwide in such countries and regions as Argentina, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Caribbean, China, East Africa, Egypt, Finland, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, and Silicon Valley.  The MP is best-known for its previously annual State of the Future reports, which cover trends, forecasts, and proposals for 15 inter-related Global Challenges: sustainable development and climate change, water/sanitation, population/resources, democratization, global foresight/decision-making, convergence of information technology, rich-poor gap, health, education/learning, peace/conflict, women, transnational organized crime, energy, science/technology, and global ethics.  The 19th edition (Nov 2017, 195p), compiled by Glenn and Elizabeth Florescu, also has a State of the Future Index summarizing where we are winning, where we are losing, and where there is no progress.  All recent editions are backed by the continually updated Global Futures Intelligence System ( which provides data and weblinks supporting the 15 Global Challenges. The MP also publishes Futures Research Methodology 3.0, with 39 chapters totaling about 1,300 pages.