Environmental Working Group

Founding Year:

Staff: 55

Budget: ~$10.5m

Ken Cook (President, Co-Founder)

A non-profit that aims to “empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment.”  They focus on consumer awareness and information by testing and scoring products, certifying them and monitoring environmental pollution that affect organic produce and water supplies. Key issues are consumer products, cosmetics, food, toxics, and children’s health.


  • EWG’s Food Scores – A rating homepage and app based on a database of 80,000+ products. They are rated according to health and environmental impacts and they look on nutrition, ingredient concerns and processing.
  • EWG Verified – A certification program that makes sure products are free from EWG’s chemicals of concern and meets their strict health standards.


  • Annual Reports
  • News
  • AgMag – A online magazine on dealing with conservation, subsidies, food, and water
  • EWG Maps – Interactive maps on issues like tap water toxins, farming, environmental pollution, etc.
  • EWG’s Conservation Database – Provides a detailed look at how federal dollars have been spent through four major USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) conservation programs.
  • Research reports and Consumer Guides on seafood, endocrine disruptors, radioactivity in tap water, pesticides in produce, household cleaning products, personal care products, GMOs, etc.
  • Feeding the World report, Oct 2016, says GMOs are not needed


Environmental Working Group contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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