Environmental Integrity Project (2002, Washington and Austin, TX, 30 staff; https://environmentalintegrity.org)

Advocates for effective enforcement of environmental laws and staffed by former EPA enforcement attorneys, public interest lawyers, analysts, investigators, and community organizers.


  • Chesapeake Bay and Factory Farms: addressing runoff from agriculture,  cities and town, industry and sewage treatment plants
  • Pollution from 400 coal-fired power plants
  • Environmental Justice: engages with residents, makes air and water pollution data accessible, and reduces pollution through environmental permit reviews
  • Fracking: Addressed through advocacy, regulatory work, and litigation
  • Wood Bioenergy: Challenging the growth of the industry
  • Fighting deregulation in air, water and waste



  • Eric Schaeffer, Founder and Executive Director

Total income (2019): $5.5M