East-West Center

Founding Year: 1960

Staff: 180

Budget: $39m

Richard R. Vuylsteke (President)

Established by the United States Congress as a national educational institution to foster better relations and understanding among the peoples of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific islands through programs of cooperative study, training, and research. The center has a worldwide network “of 65,000 alumni and more than 1,100 partner organizations.” They organize student conferences, exchanges, lectures, film screenings, exhibitions and other cultural events.

Thematically they focus on Environment and Climate Change; Population and Health; Innovation, Economic Integration, and Growth; Governance, Security, and Justice; Education and Professional Development.

Programs and Projects:

  • The Research Program conducts multidisciplinary research on issues of contemporary significance to Asia, the Pacific and the United States.
  • The Education Program provides graduate students with opportunities to help prepare the United States and the Asia Pacific Region for increased interdependence.
  • The Professional Development Program provides short-term educational experiences but also long-term undergraduate education.
  • The East-West Center Pacific Islands Development Program (PIDP) conducts a broad range of activities to enhance the quality of life in the Pacific islands. The founding mission of PIDP, established in 1980, is to assist Pacific islands leaders in advancing their collective efforts to achieve and sustain equitable social and economic development consistent with the goals of the Pacific islands region’s people.
  • The East-West Center in Washington conducts collaborative research, training, seminars, and outreach around the theme of conflict reduction in Asia. Dr. Satu Limaye is director of EWC Washington.
  • The Office of External Affairs arranges expert briefings and special events. Director of External Affairs Karen Knudsen also oversees the Center’s Arts Program and the Friends of the East-West Center community volunteer organization.
  • The East-West Center Foundation expands and enhances support for the Center. The Foundation is governed by a separate Board of Directors.


  • Policy briefs, monographs and books
  • Analysis and research papers
  • A number of series: Asia Pacific Bulletin, Asia Matters for America, Policy Studies, AsiaPacific Issues, East-West Wire and East-West Center Working Papers

HIGHLIGHTS: Asia Matters for America, a news and resource center Asian-American relations; North Korea in the World, an interactive data visualization about North Koreas international relations


East-West Center contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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