Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment

Founding Year: 2006

Staff: 14


Lisa Sachs (Director)

A joint research center and forum of the Columbia Law School and the Earth Institute dedicated to the study, practice and discussion of sustainable international investment.

They developed a Five-Pillar Framework for Sustainable International Investment that aims to create widespread benefits for the population while enabling a reasonable return on investment:

  • A Transparent and Mutually Beneficial Legal Framework
  • A Commitment to Long-term Planning and Revenue Management
  • A Strategy to Leverage Investments for Development through Infrastructure and Linkages
  • An Approach that Promotes Human Rights and Integrated Development
  • A System to Manage Environmental Risks and Impacts

Research Areas:

  • Sustainable investments in extractive industries
  • Sustainable investments in land and agriculture
  • Sustainable international investment law and policy


  • Annual Reports
  • Memos, briefing notes, reports and policy papers.
  • Scientific articles, book chapters and books
  • ~Weekly Columbia FDI Perspectives
  • Columbia FDI Profiles – a series of concise country profiles on FDI
  • HIGHLIGHT: Emerging Market Global Players – Identifies the top multinationals from each of a number of emerging markets, provide detailed information on the key features of the firms’ activities abroad, and discuss other issues, including the underlying policy context influencing outward investment from those emerging markets and the impact of the MNEs on sustainable development.

Note: Teamed with the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network led by Jeffrey Sachs, who is the father of Lisa Sachs.  He also chairs the Center’s Advisory Board.                            

Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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