Climate Knowledge Brokers Group

Founding Year: 2012



The Climate Knowledge Brokers Group is a “growing alliance of currently around 150 leading global, regional and national knowledge brokers specializing in climate and development information.” It brings together “a diverse set of information players, from international organizations to research institutes, NGOs and good practice networks, and covers the full breadth of climate related themes.” It aims to “improve access to climate information by coordinating and orchestrating the efforts of climate knowledge brokers.”


  • Climate Search: provides “climate-relevant information from portals run by organisations in the CKB.”
  • Knowledge Navigator: is a “quality controlled catalog of climate knowledge broker portals.”
  • Climate Tagger: is “a suite of tools which automatically organises and tags large volumes of content related to climate change and development.”

Climate Knowledge Brokers Group contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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