The Climate Investigations Center

Founding Year: 2014



Kert Davies (Founder, Director)

A small monitoring operation that investigates climate change deniers such as the Heartland Institute and the fossil fuel industry.


  • Efforts to stall the climate policy process by the fossil fuel industry and its allies
  • Climate science denial campaigns spawned by industrial interests and their front groups
  • The latest climate science impacts assessments and backlash against them
  • Attribution science advances connecting climate impacts to global warming pollution


  • Cooler Heads Coalition – A website, paid for and run by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, is an echo chamber for climate denying organizations to promote fringe ideas on climate science.
  • PR Industry Climate Survey that asks PR firms on their positions on climate change.
  • Patrick Michaels – Decades of Denial – has built a career curating doubt about climate change science and its impact on our environment.
  • The Anti-Environmental Archives – An online archive of documents on anti-environmental campaigns, individuals involved in these campaigns and the corporations that back them.


The Climate Investigations Center contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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