Climate Action Network International 
(1989; Bonn; 26 staff;

A worldwide climate action network of over 1300 Non-Governmental Organizations in more than 120 countries. CAN works to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels. CAN members strive to attain this goal by exchanging relevant information and developing NGO strategies that tackle local as well as global climate issues. Its regional networks coordinate its activities in accordance with its vision of protecting “ the atmosphere while allowing for sustainable and equitable development worldwide.”

Work Areas:

Working Groups:

CAN has 19 working groups dealing with various aspects of climate change, such as Adaption and Loss and Damage, Agriculture, Energy, Migration, and Sinks. Full list available here.



Leadership: Jean Su (Board Co-Chair) and Tasneem Essop (Executive Director)
Budget: $1.78m