Circle of Blue (2005; Traverse City, Michigan; 8 staff;

Focusing on water and issues relating to it, the organisation aims to inform the world’s most important decisions about water, food, and energy in a changing climate. It unites classic journalism, data literacy and transformative connectivity to “meet the demand for information and collaboration in the challenge of the century.”


  • Water Podcasts called “What’s Up With Water” and “Speaking of Water”
  • WaterNews – A newswire on all things water
  • Features – Water stories on topics like Flint, Cape Town, the Mining Industry, etc.
  • Zeropolis – Big Cities, Little Water – A series that “highlights cities across the globe that are grappling with severe water shortages, investigating why water is being depleted, who is most affected, and if the city is likely to experience its own ‘Day Zero’.”
  • HotSpots H2O – A series that focuses on global water crisis hot spots.
  • Choke Points – A series on regional water choke points
  • H2O-Catalyst –  An online talk on all topics water.

Leadership: J. Carl Ganter (Co-Founder, Director)