Center on International Cooperation, New York University

Founding Year: 1996

Staff: 29


Sarah Cliffe (Director)

A non-profit research center dedicated “to enhancing international responses to the countries and issues most important to conflict prevention and recovery.” Consequently, it engages directly and thoroughly with “multilateral institutions as well as the wider policy community.”

Programs areas:


  • Resources – Includes research papers, policy studies, books, commentaries, etc.
  • Blog
  • Data
  • Media
    • UN Senior Leadership Appointments Dashboard – A dashboard that draws “from official press releases of senior appointments from the website and other sources.”
    • Peace Operations Data – A repository of “data and trends in global peace operations and the international system.” Topics covered include “peace operation missions, contributions of uniformed personnel, gender statistics, and other aggregated data.”



Center on International Cooperation, New York University contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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