Center for Environment, Economy and Society

Founding Year: 2006

Staff: 7


Dr. Don Melnick (Director)

Founded within the Columbia University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, this center operates based on the firm belief that local environments, economies, and societies are so tightly interwoven and interdependent that one cannot thrive without the others. They are all “in it together”. Consequently, communities and businesses ought to suppo the government in its efforts to protect the environment by recognizing its social and economic value by the former and investing in it to promote sustainable economic growth by the latter. CEES is funded by more than a dozen foundation grants and gifts. It employs a two-pronged strategy to promote its values based on Applied Research and Implementation coupled with a focus on Education, Professional Development, and Outreach.


  • The Rainforest Standard: the world’s first integrated forest carbon credit standard tailored to accommodate the Amazon region and the demands of emerging carbon markets.
  • Amazon Forest Carbon Partnership: a collaboration to reduce carbon emissions and provide an economic alternative for forest-dwelling communities and commercial enterprises in the Amazon.



Center for Environment, Economy and Society contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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