CDA Institute

Founding Year: 1987

Staff: 6


Matthew Overton (Executive Director, RET BGen)

A think-tank and advocacy group that “provides Canadians with leading Security & Defense” policy analysis through publicly available publications and research. Their stated goal is to “promote informed debate on national security and defence.” They hold round tables, Galas, Conferences and award ceremonies. CDA is tightly connected to Canadian academic and business circles and many of its members are former military, intelligence or diplomacy staff. Some of its sponsors come from the military industry.

Graduate students, subject matter experts and experienced professionals can submit manuscripts research proposals and unsolicited manuscripts. The Institute believes its board is balanced with members who have had careers as military officers and diplomats, as well as some of Canada’s top academics, business, and political leaders. Board members work closely with the Research Advisory Committee collaborating with authors on publications.  The board of directors includes people such as David Fraser, a retired Major-General in Canada who is the country’s first Canadian general to command American troops in combat since the Second World War.


Note: CDA probably stands for “Conference of Defence Associations” which was founded in 1932 and from which the institute was later derived in 1987.

CDA Institute contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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