Carbon Disclosure Project

Founding Year: 2000



Carbon Disclosure Project (2000; London; ~220 staff;

An international non-profit that aims towards a “thriving economy that works for people and planet in the long term.” They collaborate with “investors, companies and cities on taking action to build a truly sustainable economy by measuring and understanding their environmental impact.” They are driven by the realization that urgent action is necessary “to prevent dangerous climate change and environmental damage.”
Works with shareholders and corporations to disclose greenhouse gases and water usage. Holds the largest collection globally of self-reported climate change, water, and forest-risk data. Involves 8,400+ companies, including 525 investors with US$96 trillion in assets, and over 120 major buyers, with combined purchasing power of US$3 trillion, to help reveal the environmental risk in their activities. Focuses on mitigating risks in the supply chains of some 75 large purchasing organizations such as Dell, PepsiCo, and Walmart.

Is involved with >200 cities to better manage their risk and increase their resiliency through more than 2,000 activities to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Engages with policy-makers, governments and international institutions with tailored research and analysis on climate change, water management, and deforestation risk. Catalyzes action on corporate water stewardship to safeguard water resources and address the global water crisis via data collection activities that influence the behavior of investor signatories and supply chain members. Publishes annual reports and other documents in each of its areas of interest.


Leadership: Paul Dickinson (Executive Chair), Paul Simpson (CEO)
Budget: ~ £18m
Note: In 2010, CDP was called “The most powerful green NGO you’ve never heard of” by the Harvard Business Review.  MS

Carbon Disclosure Project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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