An independent European think tank whose mission is “to improve the quality of economic policy with open and fact-based research, analysis and debate.” Members include EU Member State governments, international corporations and financial institutions. Maintains a dual focus on analysis and impact. They have relationships with policymakers at multiple governance levels.

Research areas:

  • European Macroeconomics and Governance;
  • Global Economics and Governance;
  • Finance and Financial Regulation;
  • Innovation and Competition;
  • Energy and Climate.


  • Public and private research projects
  • Visiting Fellowships


  • Annual reports
  • Podcasts and Videos
  • Blogs, opinions and testimonies
  • Policy papers, reports, strategy papers
  • HIGHLIGHT:Export and patent specialization in low carbon technologies’ (August 2018), which explores how global trade and patenting patterns create competitive advantages for some countries in low-carbon sector innovation.


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