Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom

Founding Year: 2015



Zhanna Nemtsova & Olga Tikhomirova (Co-Director)

Named after a Russian opposition leader murdered in Moscow in 2015. Founded by his eldest daughter Zhanna Nemtsova.


  • Education and the protection of freedom of information
  • Training and professional development
  • Fostering of the German-Russian dialogue
  • The promotion of European values
  • Memorial activities in honor of Boris Nemtsov


  • ‘The Boris Nemtsov Academic Center for the Study of Russia’ at Charles University in Prague
  • Summer School of Journalism and Cultural Studies hosted by the center.
  • A fellowship program for political refugees and political emigrants to support those people who had to flee Russia, but are still willing to stay engaged in Russia’s political and social life.
  • The annual Boris Nemtsov Prize for courage in defending democratic values. Five finalists are selected out of the nominees through an online-vote among the readership of Novaya gazeta.
  • Monitoring project on political persecution in Russia


Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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