Bank Track

Founding Year: 2003

Staff: 13

Budget: ~$420k (2018)

Johan Frijns (Director)

An “international tracking, campaigning and CSO support organisation targeting private sector commercial banks (‘banks’) and the activities they finance. We are an integral part of the global community of CSOs focused on the financial sector as a whole (multilateral and national development banks, export credit agencies, private and institutional investors, etc.).
They monitor “dodgy deals” and human right violations in the financial sector, publicly campaign against them and publish the results.

In 2022 they extended their mission “to challenge commercial banks globally to act urgently and decisively on four interrelated global emergencies: the accelerating climate crisis, the ongoing destruction of nature, the risk of ever more pandemics and the widespread violation of human rights.”


  • Blog
  • A library of 200+ reports
  • HIGHLIGHT: Banking on Climate Chaos 2022 (March 2022, 40p) – This annual report explores the impact of the banking sector on climate change, especially the financing of the fossil fuel industry.

Bank Track contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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