The Association of Plastic Recyclers

Founding Year:


Budget: ~$1.4M

Steve Alexander (President)

An international trade association representing the plastics recycling industry.

  • Developing protocols for packaging design for greater recyclability.
  • Improving the quality of postconsumer plastics entering the system.
  • Fostering a strong interface with end-user markets.
  • Promoting a cooperative testing program for new packaging.
  • Encouraging design for recyclability with guidelines and programs.
  • Using awards to recognize packages designed to be recycling compatible and to recognize products made from recycled plastic material.
  • Educating key audiences including state and local recycling officials, Materials Recovery Facility operators, legislators, as well as the general plastic recycling industry.
Key Programs
  • Helping package designers measure each aspect of a package design against industry-accepted criteria to ensure that it is truly recycling compatible via the APR’s Design Guide
  • Enrolling businesses, government entities, and universities to become “Demand Champion” to drive end-market demand for post-consumer recycled plastic
Representative Publication
  • Guide for Plastic Sorting Best Management Practices (11p)



The Association of Plastic Recyclers contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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