Arctic Portal
Arctic Portal

Founding Year: 2006

Staff: 5


Arctic Portal

Arctic Portal
(2006; Akureyri, Iceland; 6 staff;

A portal that gives a “comprehensive gateway to the Arctic.” It provides access to “news, data, information, and organizations across the Arctic.” AP also facilitates “information sharing and cooperation between public and private parties and carries out Arctic-related outreach and communication.”



  • Library
  • News
  • Interactive Map
    • International Agreements – A website covering “issues specific to the Arctic region or/and are particularly relevant for addressing various Arctic-related matters.”
    • Artic Yearbook (2020, 506p) – It is a document that “seeks to be the preeminent repository of critial analysis on the Arctic region, with a mandate to inform observers about the state of Artic politics, governance and security.


Leadership: Halldor Johannsson (Director)

Arctic Portal contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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