Arctic Methane Emergency Group

Founding Year: 2011



John Nissen (Chair)

“As goes the Arctic so goes the Earth.” The AMEG Declaration of Emergency (revised, Sept 2012) declares that “there now exists an extremely high international security risk of acute climate disruption followed potentially by runaway global warming. The collapse of Arctic sea ice will change the reflective properties of the Arctic from 90% reflection of the sun’s rays to a 90% absorber of the sun’s energy” (the Albedo effect, accelerating warming). As the Arctic warms several times faster than the rest of the planet, three huge reservoirs of Arctic methane will be released: 1) sea floor methane hydrate (the most catastrophically dangerous source, notably the East Siberian Arctic shelf; an abrupt massive release “most likely would be catastrophic to the global climate and our planet”); 2) the vast regions of Arctic and sub-Arctic wetlands that can respond rapidly to a jump in Arctic warming; 3) the vast regions of permafrost which are thawing. “These different methane sources will combine to accelerate the rate of methane emission from each one, and to accelerate the rate of Arctic warming.” Governments must take immediate action to cool the Arctic. Without action, collapse of the Arctic sea ice will be complete by 2015. (Seems like their prediction didn’t come true either…)

Note: Their homepage is offline and only redirects to a Facebook page ( at the moment. They are still active but there is barely any information and there are no publications or other resources or forms of outreach besides Facebook posts.

Arctic Methane Emergency Group contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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