Arab Forum for Environment and Development

Founding Year: 2007



Dr. Adnan Badran (Chairman)

To advance prudent environmental policies and action in the Arab countries based on science and awareness. The nature of the environmental problem requires strengthening civil society groups, harmonizing national efforts, and seeking regional and global cooperation. The Forum fosters the “creation of links among Arab chambers of commerce and industry and among scientific research centres and educational institutions in the Arab world aiming, through environmental collaboration, at the development of joint environmental programmes.” It also seeks to prompt “governments to adopt and develop environmental laws in conformity with the nature of the problems currently prevailing in the Arab world, with an emphasis on putting these legislations into effect.”



HIGHLIGHT: Financing Sustainable Development in Arab Countries (November 2018) – Identifies “financing needs, gaps, options and mechanisms, while focusing on potential financing sources and addressing enhancement of their roles.”


Arab Forum for Environment and Development contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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