American Meteorological Society

Founding Year: 1919



American Meteorological Society (1919; Boston; 1,200+ fellows;

Promotes development and dissemination of information and education on the atmospheric and related oceanic and hydrologic sciences and the advancement of their professional applications. AMS has a membership of more than 13,000 professionals, students, and weather enthusiasts. Publishes eleven atmospheric and related oceanic and hydrologic journals, sponsors more than 12 conferences annually, and offers numerous programs and services.


  • K-12 Teachers – Trains teachers to boost their STEM curriculum and thereby impacts millions of students across the nation
  • Undergraduate Faculty – An introductory Earth science course on weather, ocean and climate
  • Career Resources – Supports career building for  students and “experienced professional in the private, public, or academic sector”


Leadership: Roger M. Wakimoto (President)

Budget: ~$20m (2017)

American Meteorological Society contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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