Founding Year: 2001

Staff: 159


Raigner Agster (Executive Board Member)

An independent think tank and international public policy consultancy on climate, environment, and development. It “contributes to a sustainable future, both by providing scientifically sound policy analysis and in dialogue with political and civil society actors and decision-makers.”

Responsible for the Weather Risk project that focuses on the relationship between climate change and security risks.


Green Economy
Sustainable Business
Green Finance
Peace And Security
International Cooperation
Urban Transformation


  • Research – Policy Analysis using approaches such as “comparative policy research, case studies, research, market research, to legal insights.”
  • Consulting – Among its solutions, they offer capacity development, monitoring, evaluation, project management, and technology consulting.
  • Dialogue – Offers forums, communication, and training.



Adelphi contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals

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