In Brief

2012, Copenhagen; annual Sustainia 100 Innovative Solutions


(2012, Copenhagen;

“Building the World of Tomorrow.” A project of Monday Morning (Mandag morgen), a Copenhagen think tank. Seeks to mature markets and sectors for sustainable products and services, by equipping decision-makers and citizens with the solutions, arguments, visions, facts, and networks needed to accelerate sustainable transformation in sectors, industries and everyday life. Maps solutions and researches sustainable scenarios in ten sectors: Buildings, Food, Fashion, Transportation, IT, Education, Energy, Health, Cities, Resources. Publishes guides (e.g. to health, buildings, Copenhagen 2025), Sustainia 100 (on outstanding solutions worldwide at the forefront of sustainable transformation; third edition, 2014), and the Sustainia Award selected from the 100 list by Arnold Schwarzenegger and an Award Committee. Executive Director: Laura Storm.

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