Sustainable World Coalition

In Brief

Berkeley CA; 8 staff; Earth Island Inst.; planetary sust and fair & equitable society; Sustainable World Sourcebook, 4th ed, 2014 has directory of 500 orgs


(Berkeley CA, 2002;

A project of the Earth Island Institute to produce programs, events and materials for education and engagement, promoting action that restores and maintains the health of the planet and the well-being of humanity.  Programs: 1) Spring of Spirituality (a 9-hour live Earth Day webcast featuring indigenous ceremony, performance videos, short films, and inspiring dialogues; participants included Andrew Harvey, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Charles Eisenstein, Esperide Ananas, Brian Swimme, Rha Goddess, Randy Hayes, Matthew Fox, Nikki Silvestri, Kevin Danaher, Drew Dellinger, and Faith Spotted Eagle; 2) SWC Affiliate Program to generate funding for organizations by introducing their network to the products and services of the Sustainable World Coalition, in particular the fourth edition of the popularized Sustainable World Sourcebook
14/164p/$19.95, with a Foreword by Paul Hawken and chapters on Healing the Web of Life, Smart Power, A Just Society That Works for Everyone, Economics and Valuing Life, Community, Our Daily Actions, and a Resource Directory of some 500 organizations); 3) Engagement Circles (small groups of 6-12 dedicated people, who meet once or twice a month for nine sessions to deepen their understanding of the critical issues, support each other in making lifestyle changes, and become effective change agents; 4) Presentations by Vinit Allen (on Global Sustainability: The Big Picture, the Ecological Footprint indicator, Sustainable Communities, etc.); 5) Planet Earth Arts Play Festival (using theater to “awaken, enlighten and move audiences to action on behalf of planetary sustainability and stewardship”).  Staff: 7 (in addition to a number of writers and volunteers); Founder and CEO: Vinit Allen (Executive Producer, Planet Earth Arts).

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