Peace Research Institute Oslo

In Brief

1959, Oslo; 4 frames of reference; 6 research institutes; Library of 22,000 vols; publishes J. of Peace Research, Security Dialogue, J. of Military Ethics


(1959, Oslo;

“Conducts research on the conditions for peaceful relations between states, groups and people to understand the processes that bring societies together or split them apart.” Explores how conflicts erupt and how they can be resolved, how different kinds of violence affect people, and how societies tackle crises – and the threat of crisis.  Documents general trends, seeks to understand processes, develops theoretical insights, refines methodologies, and distributes findings. PRIO also conducts graduate training and is engaged in promoting peace through conflict resolution, dialogue, reconciliation, public information and policymaking activities. Research groups on Cities and Populations, Civilians in Conflict, Conflict Patterns, Environment, Gender, Governance, Humanitarianism, Law and Ethics, Media, Migration, Non-state Conflict Actors, Peacebuilding, Regions and Powers, Religion, and Security. Each area has several projects and many publications and blogs (e.g., “Urbanization, Exclusion and Climate Change in India” and “Fight the Youth: Youth Bulges and State Repression”). Many publications are available online. PRIO has a presence in >100 countries, i.e., it either has staff and/or associates on the ground or has studied some aspect of conflict and peacemaking in each of them. 75 Staff. Director: Kristian Berg Harpviken.

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