Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations / IDDRI

In Brief

2003, Paris


(2003, Paris;

Partner of Sciences Po, an international research university in the social sciences. Analyzes strategic issues linked to sustainable development from a global perspective, thus helping stakeholders in deliberating on global governance of the major issues of common interest: action to attenuate climate change, protect biodiversity, enhance food security, and manage urbanization. A cross-cutting approach focuses on seven themes: Global Governance, Biodiversity, Climate and Energy, Oceans and Coastal Zones, Urban Fabric, Agriculture, and New Prosperity. Publishes books such as Planet for Life (a collaboration with the French Development Agency and The Energy and Resource Institute), Regards sur la Terre, papers in scientific journals, Issue Briefs, Policy Briefs, Working Papers, various in-depth studies, and La Lettre d’iDDRI newsletter. Secretary General: Lisa Dacosta; 45 staff.

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