Foundation Earth

In Brief

Washington, 4 staff; rethinking econ, ecology law systems, tech


(2011? Washington;

Seeks to bring an earth-centered economy into reality by examining the dimensions of a much more sustainable economy, arguing for it, and providing advisory services to social movements concerning economic system changes and transformation.  Focuses on economy, law, education, environmental health, and emerging technologies.  Has established Centers for: 1) Economic Ecology: e.g., the SEC Disclosure Project to require companies to disclose their pollution externalities in annual public filings; 2) Earth Law: promoting governance regimes based on the concept that humans are only one member of a wider community of beings; 3) Systems Thinking: introducing biospheric literacy into educational systems; 4) Environmental Health: supporting the principle that human health is dependent on the health of the planet; 5) Technology Assessment: technology is often a destructive agent of social change.  Resources include: publications, (e.g,. Biosphere Smart Agriculture in a True Cost Economy, 2015, 32p); essays, talks (e.g., “Investments & the Nine Planetary Boundaries,” media outreach, suggested readings, press releases, videos (“Exposing the Truth Behind the WTO”, and quotes (“Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist. -Kenneth Boulding”).  Staff: 4 principal organizers (Randy Hayes, Brent Blackwelder, Andrew Kimbrell, Honor May Eldridge).

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