Forum for the Future

In Brief

1996, London; 80 staff; publishes Green Futures; J. Porritt director


(1996, London;

An independent non-profit network of 130 organizations working globally with business, government and other organizations to find ways to create a sustainable future, by reimagining and transforming the key systems everyone uses and relies on, and innovating for long-term success. Fields of interest: food, energy, shipping, finance, and digital technology. Has offered a MA “Leadership for Sustainable Development” course since 1996. Operates a “Futures Centre” (an interactive online futures platform) and publishes a “Green Futures” newsletter (creating #the BIG Shift) and a book by Porritt, The World We Made (Phaidon, Nov 2013) on how our world could look in 2050 with 90% of energy from renewable sources, and manufacturing transformed by nanotechnology and 3-D printing . Founder Director: Jonathan Porritt; 92 staff.

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