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2011, Eschborn, Germany; 5 staff; 3000 articles on renewable energy, efficiency in developing countries; sustainable energy services


(2011, Eschborn, Germany;

A wiki-based platform for collaborative knowledge exchange on renewable energy and energy efficiency in developing countries.  First-hand knowledge on modern and sustainable energy solutions often only exists locally or in fragments and is thus difficult for individuals to access. There is a great need to facilitate and expand the diffusion of these technologies in developing countries through practical knowledge exchange and collaboration.  Leveraging Web 2.0 technologies to remove knowledge barriers and expand the diffusion of information addressing the topics renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable energy access for all. Any registered user can create, modify and share content. The platform includes 3,371 free articles as of May 2016, contributed by the growing community of 5,539 registered users made up of energy practitioners, experts, academics and other interested stakeholders. Features include: an event calendar, a job exchange, thematically-organized groups, profile creators, solutions, book creator (i.e. combining articles and other resources into a publication), data bases, and video tutorials.  228K visits in 2013.  Revenues of $150K in 2013.  Robert Heine, Founder and Managing Director.  5 staff.

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