Climate Change Task Force

Institution: Green Cross International

In Brief

2009, Green Cross International, Geneva; climate experts and world leaders, e.g. Gorbachev


(2009, c/o Green Cross International, Geneva;

“A synergy of climate experts, world leaders, Nobel peace laureates, and shapers of opinion – helping create the political will to address climate change.” Seeks to build the critical mass and political will for deep-rooted societal change capable of containing and then reversing the effects of climate change. Three main objectives: 1) maximize opportunities offered by the climate negotiations; 2) “re-calibrate” the international response to climate change and outline a framework for Copenhagen follow-up; 3) promote active engagement of civil society and the wider public in the search for adequate solutions to the challenges of climate change. The 20 member Task Force includes Mikhail Gorbachev (GCI founder), Mohan Munisinghe, Alexander Likhotal, Mary Robinson, Mohamed El-Ashry, and Janos Pasztor. Partner organizations include Green Cross International, Club of Madrid, and Club of Rome. TF Project Leader: Adam Koniuszewski (Canada)

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