Center for Security Studies

Institution: ETH University,

In Brief

1994, ETH University, Zurich


(1994, ETH Zurich;

The former International Relations and Security Network is now the “Resources” part of CSS, a division of ETH Zurich university of science and technology, “pioneering effective solutions to the global challenges of today and tomorrow.”  CSS has a digital library of 75,000 items and “a roster of 2700 international relations and security-focused organizations.”  It facilitates security-related dialogue and cooperation within a network of international relations organizations, professionals and experts, and provides open-source international relations and security-related tools and materials and web-based content/data distribution.  It facilitates policy debates and security-related dialogue, and publishes “Security Watch” on global current events, traditional security-related subjects, and human security.  Director: Andreas Wenger director.  17 staff.  [Note: “ETH Sustainability,” begun in 2008, is the central coordinating hub, publishing a bi-annual Sustainability Report on how the university integrates sustainability into its activities.  It does not appear to yet be integrated into CSS thinking.  DH]

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