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Alliance of Small Island States

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1991;; 44 states concerned about climate


(1991; United Nations, NY;

A coalition of 44 small-island and low-lying coastal countries (37 UN members and 7 observer states) that share similar development challenges and concerns about the environment, especially their vulnerability to the adverse effects of global climate change. A Press Release dated 14 June 2014 argues that “The extreme vulnerability of Small Island States to climate change demands urgent action… Loss and damage due to the impacts of climate change is a reality for AOSIS and it must therefore be part of the 2015 (climate change) agreement. The Warsaw International Mechanisms on loss and damage established at COP 19 must be anchored under the new agreement.” Publishes the AOSIS Newsletter. Chairperson: Ambassador Marlene Moses of Nauru; Contact:  [Note: No charter, no budget, no secretariat, no staff. But an urgent message.  DH]

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