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Boston? Peter Senge; 24 staff; next generation leaders for a sustainable society; capacity building


(2012?, Boston?;

“Collective capacity for a scale that matters.” A global community of individuals, organizations and networks involved in developing living examples that show what is possible in transforming social systems “to foster biological, social, and economic well-being.” The 10-year initiative seeks to crystallize and disseminate emerging knowledge, values and practices, grounded in the teachings of natural systems: harmony, balance, integration, and ongoing evolution. The new knowledge we see emerging in the world shapes organic processes of change that result in social systems that are more resilient, sustainable, and adaptive. These “integral” learning and change processes knit “inner” and “outer” change, and are both deeply personal and inherently collective. Using tools for systems thinking, organizational learning and systemic change developed over more than two decades, we help people create “learning circuits” that test and spread knowledge, values, practices, and leadership capacity within and across diverse settings. Focused on a few critical domains, e.g., Education, Food/Agriculture, Marine Ecosystems, Business and Community Development.  The Academy offers intensive training and support in its “Next Generation Leaders” project, engaging both the “inner” (reflective) and “outer” (manifest structures) work of deep change, with a lifelong commitment – personally, within an organization, and within networks of collaborating organizations in critical systems, e.g., Jensine  Larsen,founder of World Pulse, a digital network linking tens of thousands of women from more than 190 countries, including those who are speaking out using Internet cafes and cell phones from rural areas and conflict zones -impacting more than 2 million lives.  Holds a “Leading Sustainable Transformation Workshop,” June 2016.   Publishes multiple white papers, e.g., “The Dawn of System Leadership
(2015), videos, and a blog, which are available on line via the website.  Co-founder and Chairman of the Board: Peter Senge, author and co-author of The Fifth Discipline, The Necessary Revolution, and a number of other books; a seminal thinker in the field of organizational learning.  24 Staff/Members.

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